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Napoli Kennels began with a love affair with Poodles in 1977 when our kennel was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  The challenges of owner handling and grooming my own Poodles were undertaken.  There was much to learn but persistence and dedication were the necessary tools needed to develop Napoli Poodles as well as constantly striving over the years to improve their quality.

Breeding on a small scale, Napoli has produced Standard Poodles that have excelled in flyball,  becoming flyball champions, Superdogs shows, conformation shows, and obedience trials, with a few Best in Show wins along the way.

Not only are Napoli Poodles beautiful to look at but they are champions in obedience disciplines also, receiving several top awards in this field including several high in Trials, Utility degrees,     and Master of OTCH, Hunter titles, and recently Rally Obedience High in Class title holders, and Agility Competition.

The beauty, intelligence and devoted companionship this breed presents to its owners is what makes the Poodle an outstanding pet or partner in the home and in competition.

NAPOLI has been breeding Standard Poodles for 39 years and more recently Miniature Poodles.  Napoli breeds only black or white and produces, on average, one litter a year. Our motto is “Quality rather than Quantity.” Consideration is given to any health issues in the background pedigrees of the breeding parents before a mating is undertaken.  Genetic testing is also done from time to time.  Today’s popular show dogs are not in our current breeding stock but many of the Napoli Poodles are show quality.  Napoli Poodles are more moderate in type than current day show dogs but retain the beauty and the traits for which well bred Poodles are known:  The Poodle’s playful  temperament, air of dignity, light and springy gait, and intelligence.    

Our foundation stud in breeding Miniature Poodles is Sigma Chi's Mr. Big Stuff.  He is now 12 years of age, in excellent health and enjoying life.  Napoli Miniatures are delightful, wonderful with children, and are born retrievers.

Sigma Chi's Mr. Big Stuff

Patellas Normal, Eyes tested

(Noteworthy Tristan) x Ch. Irish Mist Gypsylee Sigmachi) 











        Best In Show Ch. Napoli Midnight Stroller













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