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A Napoli Poodle

Playful, Pleasing, Pretty and Proud
Prize-Winning, Prankster, Brain Power Plus
Protective of home, yet Pleasant with People
Promenade Prance is filled with Panache
Prince or Princess, this Profile Portrays
A "Pudel" Par Excellence!







     Napoli Jumpin Jack Flash - Rally Obedience 2019

Napoli Prince of the Isle

Ch. Napoli Seger Prince d'Avalon


                        Obedience High in Trials                           Napoli Poco The Right Stuff(retrieving duck 8 mos.)         



Napoli Seger Prince D'Avalon


As you can see, Napoli Poodles are more than just pretty faces. They play, work, compete and all the while are super companions. We don't just claim what Poodles can do; we produce Poodles who actually do perform.


A note about some of the comments puppy buyers make regarding show dogs: A Poodle that is shown has a great beginning. A show dog has to learn to be attentive to its handler, be patient while being groomed, stand for a stranger to put his or her hands over the dog, and be exposed to lots of noise at dog shows and other breeds all in the same room at once. This all goes on in a happy, rewarding atmosphere with positive reinforcement. This gives a puppy an all round exposure to the world that it wouldn't get otherwise.

At Napoli our breeding objective is not just puppy sales. Litters are carefully thought out, reviewing pedigrees and screening for health issues. There is a group of dedicated Poodle breeders from several continents who, with the help of genetic research, are endeavoring to diversify the present Standard Poodle gene pool without infusing genes from other breeds. Standard Poodles are being sought from all over the world to try to infuse a wider number of genes to the genetic makeup of the North American Poodles. This is thought to strengthen the immune system. This effort as well as ongoing identification of disease causing genes and/or their mutations, we hope, will improve the present Poodle. This research and health testing takes a lot of time, study, and money. Those who care to preserve the real Poodle and to carry the Poodle into a better future feel that these efforts are necessary. We feel that the real Poodle is definitely worth it.


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Spaying & Neutering - Long Term Health Risks & Benefits

 For many years, it has been the norm most often advocated by the veterinary profession to recommend spaying or neutering your dog often by 6 mos of age. After doing some research, it seems that this may not be the best choice, especially for your male dog to have a long, healthy life. In fact, it may increase your dog's chances of developing certain cancers, hemangiosarcomas, hypothyroidism, geriatric cognitive impairment, obesity, prostate cancer, urinary tract cancers, orthopedic disorders, and adverse reactions to vaccinations. The hormones that are produced during the dog's period of growth may be protective for health and maybe indeed throughout the dog's life.

The benefits of neutering male dogs according to veterinary studies as far as health goes may be few. People often assume that dogs are as susceptible to prostate cancer as humans but, apparently, this is not true. According to the following article which summarizes the findings of a long list of studies, prostate cancer is uncommon in dogs and testicular cancer, also uncommon cause of death as it is fairly easy to treat and is not noted to metastasize. For females, spaying does have a positive effect by reducing the risk of mammary tumors and reducing the risk of pyometra which intact female dogs are at greater risk to contract.

But there are negative effects to spaying; i.e. increased risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer), increased risk of hemangiosarcoma (veterinary intervention often does not prevent death), increased obesity (very common with associated health problems), urinary incontinence 4-20%, recurring urinary tract infections, other vaginal problems if spayed before puberty, increased orthopedic disorders, and increased adverse reactions to vaccines. One study also found that cranial cruciate ligament tears were twice as likely in both male and female neutered dogs.

According to my research, this important information has been around for awhile but has not been provided to dog owners. Although no one wants to promote indiscriminate dog breeding, pet owners should be fully informed of the scientific findings and then be able to make an informed decision on when or if their dog should be spayed or neutered. Indiscriminate breeding is a large concern for breeders of purebred dogs.

To find further information on this subject, please refer to the following sites:







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